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General info


What is Little Black Sari (LBS)?

Little Black Sari is a curated, South Asian fashion marketplace that allows shoppers to buy direct from independent Canadian designers and boutiques.


Why does LBS exist?

LBS has 2 main purposes:

1) Offer shoppers of South Asian fashion a curated buying experience where they can find unique items at reasonable prices, while shopping from the convenience of their own home.

2) Provide a platform for Canadian independent designers and boutiques to connect with buyers and sell their fashion, without the hassles of maintaining their own online shop.


Can I use LBS if I live outside of Canada?

If you want to buy items through LBS: Yes, you can purchase items from LBS, even if you live outside Canada.

If you want to sell items through LBS: No, at the this point in time, unfortunately you will not be able to sell items if you are located outside of Canada. At the moment, we are using Canada Post to ship out items and this is available only in Canada. We are working hard to allow sellers to sell from outside Canada.


Do I have to create an account?

To buy and sell on the site, you will need to become a LBS community member. It is FREE to join. 0. zilch.

All members by default are buyers. That is, you can purchase items from the site once you sign up. 


What do I do if I receive request to complete transaction outside of LBS?

LBS provides a secure means to complete a transaction, including calculating shipping. Going outside of LBS to purchase not only goes against the Terms and Agreements of the site, but also negates the protection of PayPal's Purchase Protection.

That's just the technical part of it. With LBS, we improve the shopping experience and avoid having to coordinate the logistics and driving to meet someone in parking lot to conduct the transaction. 





How do I buy an item?

Like most online shops, buyers can peruse the items listed, add it to their  favourites to buy later or add to shopping cart for purchasing right away. Once ready to purchase, click on the checkout button in the shopping cart and follow the steps to purchase the item. Buyers will be taken to PayPal to securely provide their financial information to complete the transaction. LBS uses PayPal (the standard in digital payments), and the site itself is SSL encrypted. As a result, transactions are secure and buyers are protected by PayPal's Purchase Protection program.


Who pays for shipping?

Buyers pay for shipping, which is based on their location with respect to the seller's, and size & weight of the item.


How do I return my item if I am not satisfied?

Please contact the seller to discuss possible ways to return the items. If your issue is not resolved after a contacting the seller or if the seller in unresponsive, please contact LBS using the Contact Form.


How long does it take to receive the item?

It depends based on the location of the seller with respect to the buyer, as well as the Canada Post shipping option the buyer purchases.  We ask sellers to ship the item within a few days of the buyer purchasing it.


What if I never received the item I purchased?

There should be a tracking number provided by the seller once the item is shipped: visit My Purchases section in My Account and click on the View icon for the specific transaction to see the tracking number. Check the tracking number on Canada Post to see the status of the delivery.

If there is no tracking number provided, please contact the seller to inquire.

If this is still not resolved, please contact LBS via the Contact Form with your Order ID and we will work with you to resolve this issue.


How do returns/exchanges work?

As per the terms and agreements of this website, returns and exchanges are at the sole discretion of the seller. Please contact them the directly.





How do I set up as a seller on LBS?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you on becoming a seller on LBS. We are a curated marketplace that strives to deliver the best to both our buyers and sellers. Consequenlty, there is a process we go through to make sure selling on LBS is in the best interest for all.


How do I get paid once an item is bought?

Sellers will need to set up a PayPal account when they set up their account (sign up for one here). As soon as a buyer purchases an item, the seller will receive the funds in their PayPal account. The seller can then withdraw this money into their own bank account.


How much does it cost to post an item?

LBS is currently not charging buyer or sellers for using the site. However, we are using PayPal to securely facilitate transactions so sellers will be charged PayPal's customary transaction fees. Shipping of the item(s) will be paid by the buyers based on the distance they are located away from you.